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Our webcomic is actually becoming an animation film.
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January 4, 2013 1

Move it!


Lately I am working with animations at Studio Girin. But don’t worry, I am not the animator over there! I take care of tool development, improvement, and stuff. And… well… nothing is better than using the tools yourself to understand the workflow and how better to improve it, isn’t it?

The ­— now moving — Marmot is done entirely with Free Software, in particular GIMP for drawing and Blender as a non-linear video editor.
As everything here, this is under a CC-by-sa and Art-Livre license. And if you wish, just ask me, and I can also give you the .xcf (GIMP) and .blend (Blender) files.

Also the ambiance sound is a CC-by 3.0 recording by dobroide, whose original can be found at the great freesound.org website.

One Response to “Move it!”

  1. aryeom says:

    so cute!