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April 1, 2011 Off

Meet Mr Fool.


No this is not a joke! Marmot and his friend are just having some well-deserved rest time together…

Really would anyone tell me how Marmot found a straw which works only in one direction to drink underwater? I tell you, this guy is a genius!
Also don’t tell me, I know. If you leave in UK, Australia, South Africa or New Zealand, we are definitely April Fools to you! I know, we are late: noon is passed!
But to excuse Marmot and I, first we would like to state this is not really a joke, but an historical research on the source of all the jokes!
And second, I was just trying to be the 1st of April in the most places possible at the same time (though it is not possible everywhere. For those in the Tonga kingdowm or in the Chatham islands of New Zealand, you are already the second. For other parts of New Zealand though… I don’t know. Is midnight already tomorrow or still today?). And that’s UTC-0!

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