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March 29, 2011 Off

Shiny day!


So the guy who draws my wonder made an average of 2.41421 a year. And people dare say Marmots are lazy…

In Japanese, they say that's a sabotage…

I used the astronomical year (very close itself to the solar year) of 365.25 days of 86400 seconds (which is indeed 24 hours) as a calculation base. Haven’t you ever wondered why our calendar use a leap year system? That’s because the calendar year waits for the late solar year.
And did you know there even exists leap seconds? Indeed, sometimes (it can happen the 30th of June or the 31st of December), it is twice midnight! Yes it means you can repeat very fast twice “Happy new year” and try to kiss your dream girl twice as much (and maybe get slapped twice… or not).
Ok so this knowledge second was a little tiring. Let’s go back to sleep.

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