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Friendly Encounter
October 9, 2013 Off

Friendly Encounter


A little late, but we are back!

Another night encounter for Marmot. Hedgehogs are indeed night animals. If they were to go out by day, very terrible things would happen to them, in particular slow death under horrible pain, by flies, their worst enemies. I won’t say more, but you can search the web.

Hopefully this won’t happen to our little friend here, who is careful and waits for dusk before stepping out.

↓ Transcript
Marmot is waken up by a hedgehog. This one is trying to get out of home, in a tree hole, but is having difficulties, due to Marmot sleeping there.
Marmot enquires why the hedgehog gets out when it is getting dark. This one explains that he sleeps during the day, and wander by night.
Finally they say their goodbyes.

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