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Day Walk
September 20, 2013 Off

Day Walk


And now, we walk… or ride… or sail… whatever, let’s just say we travel! 🙂

Not much to say about this page. A small detail to note is that Marmot travels South, following the bird path and the sunny places. So we took particularly care in my script about this point. Concrete consequence is that sun and shadow directions are never placed randomly. Obviously you can also watch in particular 2 pages before where the setting sun (thus west, slightly south) has a pretty important place.

But even this one, if you check panels 2 and 3, his shadow shows to his right, because the sun is rising from the east and he is heading south. Panel 4 to 6, well sun is kind of about its zenith, so the shadow should mainly be under the character, yet slightly to the rear (because at the zenith, on the north hemisphere, the prominent direction becomes the south).
Of course this is a global direction marker, because when you follow a route or a river, you are not necessarily fully south-headed. So a little imprecision is ok, probably even better. But the shadow should still give the global idea.

I’ve wandered quite a bit around places, and I don’t use watches nor compass. So I’ve learned to watch the sun to know both time and directions, quite at a good level of accuracy. And the best (and safe!) way to watch the sun in a non-cloudy day is actually to watch shadows. So these details are actually quite important to me. Shadows also tell a story.

P.S.: why I tell about this in this particular page, is that it is so important that we had to flip the panels 2 and 3 when I realized there was a shadow error. Since it kind of breaks the flow (all other panels are in a go-to-right direction), we may want to redraw them properly some time later, going to the right again, but with light and shadow in the proper side.

↓ Transcript
Marmot says bye to his one-night host, then leaves. Direction south. First he walks. But it's tiring. Then he rides a horse, but it's difficult. Then a cow. Sailing also. And finally Marmot spots a nice heap of leaves. He falls in it and happily falls asleep.

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