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September 13, 2013 Off



Well is the adventure starting maybe? It looks like so!

Also Aryeom has tested and experimented quite a bit of styles for this start of comic. This is why basically every page until now were using quite varied styles. But we think we may have found our winner! We kind of like how the drawing renders here, don’t you think?

Well we’ll wait a few pages to confirm probably, but if we confirm, we’ll also redraw and update the previous pages (I’ll keep the old versions in the blog post, as history. 🙂 ).

↓ Transcript
Marmot sees the bird(s) leaving against the waking moon [Finale version: it became a sun setting, while the birds are going south].

It goes home and searches things in the burrow, coming out with a bindle, and takes up to travel, leaving against orange lights of a setting sun.

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