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The Old Bird
September 11, 2013 Off

The Old Bird


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We all had this kind of experience. Some old chap would just speak to us of this and that without even us asking anything.
Well this one impressed Marmot and leaved him with wonderful images in his head.

Image by Estormiz, from Wikipedia (Public Domain)

An Arctic Tern (Sterna paradisaea) by Bothnian Bay in Simo, Finland.

The old chap is an Artic Tern. I chose this species because it is supposed to be the bird with the longest distance migration (still according to Wikipedia). They would do maybe about 40 000 km every year, if not more.
Well their migration map on the Wikipedia page is kind of self-explanatory. They have been everywhere! Well at least everywhere which is a coast, as they are definitely more sea birds than land birds. Maybe that explains the eye-patch?!

If that’s not like one of the biggest traveler in the world, I don’t know who is! Well if there are any reincarnation really happening, we want to become Arctic Terns. 🙂

Enjoy and sorry for the late post!

↓ Transcript
An old bird, an Artic Tern, lands on the stone, next to Marmot.

It begins singing. It sings its travel, all the wonderful places it has seen: boreal auroras, incredible waterfalls, beak with palms and water so pure you can see the bottom of the sea, and so much more. Then it leavs. Without even a goodbye.
Marmot stays there, on its rock, and cries.

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