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The Search for the Sleeping Grail
September 5, 2013 Off

The Search for the Sleeping Grail


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And so here is the double page I promised you! Now you know what Marmot thinks when he sleeps on this rock: he dreams of all the other rocks he may sleep on!

Marmots love rocks. This is no scientific proof, just look at how many photographs of marmots sleeping on rocks you would find if you search the web.

I think they are warm and dry, or something. Well actually I find enjoyable to sleep on big rocks myself.

↓ Transcript
Left Page:

Marmot goes out to find a nicer place to rest.
Over some mountain dirt, he thinks of a nicer place, with less annoying dust. A tree with juicy fruits would make his day!
Well the tree is kind of high. Dangerous. And fruits are out-of-reach. What about nice comfortable grass?
Well grass is higher than he thought. And it's kind of wet.
A good ol' rock, heated with the sun. That's it. That's life.

Right Page:

Marmot dreams of sleeping on another rock; and in this dream, he dreams he sleeps on another rock; and so on, in an infinite meta style.

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