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Marmot Goes Out (non-colored)
September 2, 2013 Off

Marmot Goes Out (non-colored)



Today we update the left page of a double page. It has no color yet, but on Thursday you’ll get the full double page, all in color and in nicer resolution! 🙂

Aryeom & Jehan

↓ Transcript
Marmot goes out to find a nicer place to rest.
Over some mountain dirt, he thinks of a nicer place, with less annoying dust. A tree with juicy fruits would make his day!
Well the tree is kind of high. Dangerous. And fruits are out-of-reach. What about nice comfortable grass?
Well grass is higher than he thought. And it's kind of wet.
A good ol' rock, heated with the sun. That's it. That's life.

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