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Doctor Marmot
August 22, 2013 Off

Docteur ès Siesta


Ze Marmot is like Ze big genius! It has done all your sleep, but more, better, and all that!

↓ Transcript
University of Life

Life has conferred upon
Ze Marmot
The Title of
Docteur ès Siesta

For his life-long work on sleep, naps, laziness, unconsciousness, rest, shut-eye, slumber, doze, snooze, dreams, and all these stuffs.
He personally experimented or invented any imaginable and inimaginable rest method, and came back with awesome research results.

In witness whereof, this title is granted, on Earth, Milky Way, this twenty-second day of August in the year twenty hundred thirteen.

Jehan (writer) & Aryeom (artist)

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